The Most Powerful Way To Say An Affirmation

Have you tried positive thinking and/or affirmations before?

And nothing changed.

Either you’re using the wrong affirmation or you’re using it incorrectly.

Affirmations do work. They have the power to change your thinking which changes you and your life.

But you have use them effectively.

Here are some techniques you can use.

powerful woman saying her affirmation

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Actually if you haven’t already, read the article anyway because there are a lot of misconceptions about affirmations and you may learn some surprising things.

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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not into fighting the old but on building the new.Socrates

When Is the Best Time To Affirm?

Any time you remember to do them. Or whenever you need a boost. But times when the subconscious mind is more receptive are especially effective: just before sleep or after waking up, after meditation, while holding a yoga posture. I also like to repeat my affirmation during normal daily activities—walking, exercising, driving, vacuuming, eating or doing the dishes. I love to do them in the car, because I can say them with my full force, as loud as I please, without anyone else hearing me. To remember, post it where you’ll see it often—computer, refrigerator, your altar, bathroom mirror, night stand. I put my affirmations involving food and healthy eating on the refrigerator and above the sink. Use affirmations as a defensive weapon. When a negative thought pops into your mind, have a positive affirmation ready to use to “shoot it down.” This makes a negative situation more fun—sort of like an inner video game where you are using affirmations to help the forces of light conquer the forces of darkness. Using affirmations dynamically will create new grooves in the brain, making it easier to stay with positive thoughts in the future.

The Most Powerful Way Of Using Affirmations

The most powerful, effective way to repeat an affirmation integrates it into the three levels of consciousness. First, repeat the affirmation loudly with a lot of energy to command the attention of your conscious mind.  If you can’t say it out loud, say it mentally with strong energy. Then concentrating deeply on the words, meaning and feeling, repeat it more and more softly, until in a whisper send the message to your subconscious. Finally, repeat it silently with deep concentration at the third eye—the point between the eyebrows, the seat of divine awareness in the human body. Saturate it with divine power and send it into the superconscious mind where the truth of the affirmation is your reality. Repeat it several times at each level, absorbing its meaning ever more deeply. After awhile, your affirmation will start to spontaneously appear in your mind instead of your formerly negative thoughts, and will repeat itself effortlessly in your heart. Write Your Affirmations Try this exercise to overcome negative thoughts. Watch your thoughts. Catch your negative, limiting thoughts like butterflies in a net. Write offsetting affirmations 300 times each. Record Your Affirmations Record your affirmations in your own voice, with or without your favorite peaceful, joyful music in the background. Then listen before sleep, throughout the day or while driving, working out. It can feel really good to hear yourself saying nice things about you. Have Fun With Affirmations  Draw and color them. Sing and dance them. Shout and whisper them. Engage all your senses to produce a vivid experience. Allow yourself to be swept up in the joy of their possibilities. Give It Time To Work You can change affirmations to tackle different aspects of yourself. But often it’s better to work with one affirmation for a month or longer. You’ve spent your whole life instilling the negative patterns in your subconsciousness, and it can take time to remove them. However, you can shorten this time by affirming with great energy and concentration.

The Power of Affirmations

Do not underestimate the power of affirmations. Your mind is always thinking, thinking, thinking. Your job is to take charge of the thoughts and make them serve you. When you catch yourself in a negative mood or with a negative thought, summon the energy to change it immediately. Pull this “weed” out of your consciousness early so that it can’t grow and get stronger. It may seem difficult at first, but like anything else, you’ll improve with practice. And a positive attitude and positive thinking will soon become a joyful way of life. Do not underestimate the power of affirmations.