Peace—A Poem by Paramhansa Yogananda


Peace flows through my heart, and blows through me as a zephyr.
Peace fills me like a fragrance.
Peace runs through me like rays.
Peace stabs the heart of worries and noise.
Peace burns through my disquietude.
Peace, like a globe of fire, expands and fills my omnipresence.
Peace, like an ocean, rolls in all space.
Peace, like red blood, vitalizes the veins of my thoughts.
Peace, like a boundless aureole, encircles my body of Infinity.
Peace flames blow through the pores of my flesh, and through all space.
The perfume of Peace flows over the gardens of blossoms.
The wine of Peace runs perpetually through the wine-press of all hearts.
Peace is the breath of stones, stars, and sages.
Peace is the ambrosial wine of Spirit flowing from the cask of Silence,
Which I quaff with my countless mouths of atoms.

Swami Yogananda, East-West Magazine, December, 1932

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