#68 Magnetism, Love, Divine Mother and You

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The secret to thriving during challenging times is to increase our magnetism which is the force that brings us what we need and repels harmful influences. We offer articles, videos, guided affirmations, and more to help you invoke this power and more.


Magnetism: The Power of Attraction
by Paramhansa Yogananda
Using the spiritual power of attraction to draw what we need
The Power of Listening
by Joseph Cornell
Communicating with higher realities
The Many Faces of Divine Mother
by Jayadev Jaerschky
The imbalance that favors masculine divine energy is shifting.
It's All About You!
by Pamela Savino
Being and staying you is not easy.
Attune to the Divine Plan for Your Life
by Paramhansa Yogananda
How to perform our earthly duties so to fulfill the divine plan for our lives.
10 Thoughts that Empower You
How to Choose the Future We Want
by Sky Nelson-Isaacs
Based on quantum physics and ancient spiritual wisdom
Do You Really Know Who You Are?
by Patrick Stoeckmann
I am here to tell you straight in the face that you don’t have a clue who you really are.
How Deep Personal Alignment Led Me to the Fit, Sexy, and Free Body of My Dreams
by Jessica Caver Lindholm


How to Use Affirmations Like a Divine Magnet
by Mary Kretzmann
A talk and guided practice of the most effective method of using affirmations to increase our magnetism
God's Call Within
A Music Video by Ramesha Nani
Spirit & Nature
by Joseph Cornell
Tuning into the Divine through Nature
The Human Magnet: Our Super-Power!
by Tyagi Shurjo
Self-Confidence: Affirmation and Prayer for Self-Healing
by Swami Kriyananda


Your Spiritual Questions Answered: Gazing at an Aghori Yogi’s Eyes, I Received a Lasting Feeling of Terror. What To Do?
by Jayadev Jaerschky
The Quest for Impact, Not Productivity
by Leo Babauta
The Path to Nothing
by Marcel van Heijzen

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A Note from Kamala
10 Second Visualization: Imagine all-surrounding, infinitely comforting love.
Poet’s Corner: Mother Nature
by Emily Elizabeth Dickinson
Stories from the Hearts of Kids: LettersWhat Does Love Mean?
Stories from the Heart: Letters from a Doll
Stories from the Heart: The Lighthouse of God
by Nayaswami Narayan
Inspiring Quotes to Ponder
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