#65: Energy, Magnetism & The Chakras

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As spiritual people, we need to raise our energy and consciousness which increases our magnetism to meet whatever challenges we face. This issue offers articles, videos, visualizations, affirmations, guided meditations, and more to help you experience this.


Do Spirits Have to Eat? Excerpted from Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife but Were Afraid to Ask
Spirits don’t have physical bodies and, therefore, don’t need the nutrients provided by breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, in short, the answer to this question is no. But that doesn’t stop spirits from talking about food!
Magnetism: The Power Behind the Law of Attraction
Magnetism and not luck is the force by which you attract things. However, unless your magnetism is right, you will draw the wrong people or things. Learn to develop that fine quality of magnetism by which you can draw to yourself the things that you desire and are good for you.
Reaching Out to Depressed Teenagers
Elliott Robertson is concerned about the teenagers in today’s world. In November of 2018, The Washington Post reported on the skyrocketing rates of depression in American youth. Elliott wonders if the depressed teenagers of today are trapped in their “monkey mind” and need to find a pathway from the mind into the heart.
The Chakras: Subtle Energies of the Body
Understanding and awakening the chakras will help you achieve a state of well-being on every level. In this article, Savitri describes the chakras and the positive and negative attitudes connected to each one. She explains how they work, and what they do to you and for you.
The New Normal
It’s time for us to accept that this pandemic, and social isolation, are here for awhile. But in addition to that, our reality has changed, possibly for good. We’re in a new normal. Leo Babauta explains what's changed and gives us some guidance on how we can use them to grow.
What Every Woman Needs to Know About Her Energy Body
Many of us are turning to the chakras, reiki, and energy healing for greater wellness and empowerment. What isn’t as widely covered is how women’s energy bodies differ from men’s. Learn how you can get the most out of working with your feminine energy body—including help for healing from sexual trauma.


Energy: Affirmation and Prayer for Self-Healing
Use this deep insight into the spiritual quality of “Energy,” affirmation and prayer by Swami Kriyananda whenever you feel the need for more energy to accomplish what you need to do. Experience the power of drawing on the Divine energy behind your own inner energy.
32 Ways to Get More Energy
“Managing energy, not time, is the key to enduring high performance as well as health, happiness, and life balance.” ~Jim Loehr Here are some tips for increasing your energy level and quality.
Video Chant: God's Power
Sing this beautiful, rousing chant anytime you feel the need to remind yourself of God’s powerful, healing presence in your life.
Video: Awaken the Chakras ~ Guided Meditation & Visualization
Nayaswami Diksha leads a 20-minute visualization and meditation that will take you on a journey into your chakras using the elements of nature.
Video: Guided Meditation for Energy and Success
More than any other factor, our success depends on the amount and quality of our energy, as well as our ability to direct that energy towards achieving our goals. Nayaswami Jyotish leads an 11-minute guided visualization to help you increase the amount of energy flowing through you.


Your Spiritual Questions Answered
People ask: “I Feel Sad. What Is the Purpose of Life?” Maybe you’re curious too. With warm, humor and wisdom, Nayaswami Hassi offers guidance in meditation, yoga and the spiritual life. People often stress over finding the purpose on this earth plane. They feel apathetic and want meaning in their lives. If you too have ever wondered if this is all there is, here are some things that can help you.
From an Engineering Perspective: Coincidences
In 2014, I survived level four cancer, while medical specialists informed me that I had only a few months to live. From the moment I was told about my perceived fate, several events happened in my life to redirect me. These events were—by any standard­—accidental. I refer to them as coincidences.

In every issue

10 Second Visualization
Visualize a weightless waterfall descending around you, cleansing your mind of all worry and care.
Poet’s Corner: Pandemic: A Poem by Lynn Ungar
A poem revealing another way of looking at the Pandemic and how this time of crises illuminates and reminds us of what's really important and meaningful.
Story from the Heart The Ghost Explains: A Fable
A heartwarmng story of how even the poorest of the poor need to give.
Wisdom Story Padre Pio and the Poor Widow
Many times diseases have left our budy, but our consciousness of disease brings them back again. This charming, but a bit disturbing fable shows us how our heart and mind through fear and doubt affect our fate more than any external cause.
Music Video: Life Is a Dream
During this time of isolation and sheltering in place, the Ananda Joy Choir in Assisi, Italy dedicates themselves to singing together virtually. This beautiful song seeps deeply into the heart and opens it wide, reminding us that even in these unprecedented, challenging times, “This too shall pass.”
Music Video: I Live Without Fear
In these difficult, even unprecedented, times this comforting song reminds us where our safety and security really come from.
Music Video: The Birds of the Air
Sing along with this video to foster a feeling of stewardship for the earth and care for all living things.
Inspiring Quotes to Ponder
Closing Blessing
I wish for you… Peace for your mind, Love in your heart, Energy for your body, Joy for your spirit … I pray that you’ll have all these things today and for always in ever increasing abundance.

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