#61: Acquiring Happiness

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I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness. We all want to be happy. No one wants to suffer. And yet we do. Why is that? So not being an expert on happiness, I decided to take a look at what some spiritual teachers have to say about happiness.


15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy
Surprisingly, after a certain point, getting more doesn't make us happier. We need to remove the obstacles to our happiness. Simple yet wise, and informed by her own inspiring personal journey, Luminita gives us a fresh twist on happiness advice.
Acquiring Happiness
We all want to be happier. But how? We think “if only… I had this or that. Or did this, then I would be happy. But true happiness is only in the present moment. It comes not by helplessly thinking, but by living it in all the moods and actions of life.
Creating a Meditative Environment in Your Home
Part of the practice of meditation involves cultivating an environment where the mind can enjoy a sense of tranquility. Charles Shahar talks about the effect subtle engery fields have on our meditation, motivation, and consciousness.
Karma: What Every Aspiring Yogi Needs to Know
Everything material, or immaterial, arises from a cause, and is a revelation of that cause. Therefore, everything has a meaning. Those who believe in karma should carefully analyze their life situation in order to understand what kind of actions from the past are coming to fruition now and to see what their minds were like in that past.
The Secret to Interpersonal Happiness
As much as we desire being connected to others — good friendships, a wonderful romantic relationship, close family members — this connection always comes at a cost. But I have one technique that, if applied consistently, will lead to a lot more happiness in your relationships.
Three Thieves that Steal Happiness
The complexity and accelerating pace of life, heightened competition, and increasing human isolation are robbing us of peace of mind. This article looks at a few of these “thieves,” and how we can enlist our “Soul Patrols” to drive them away.
Why We Need Nature
A true story of a miraculous healing gifted by a tree, followed by the importance of nature in our lives. This message is especially important for us today when so many of us spend more time with asphalt and traffic than trees and flowers.
Money and Metaphysics – A Message of the New Age
In this day and age of energy, our relationship with money is vitally important to our spiritual growth. Yet, many spirtual people dismiss all material things as beneath them. This is not the age for that. We are here, now because we have lessons to learn in this area.


Happiness: Affirmation and Prayer for Self-Healing
Use this deep insight into the spiritual quality of “Happiness,” affirmation and prayer by Swami Kriyananda to attain a higher state of true happiness.
Create a Sacred Space for Yourself: An Infographic
This infographic offers some ideas and suggestions on how to create an inspiring place for your spiritual practices at home.
Spirit & Nature Dancing Together
In this fun and lively video, the members and guests of Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat, Vanderbilt, Michigan sing and dance together. Their joyful exuberance was so contagious, I just had to get up and join in the fun and dancing. Maybe you will too.
You Fill My Heart with Music
Music, among all the arts, affects us in a particularly powerful way, as it is a direct manifestation of the AUM vibration. Sing along with this video or just listen and absorb the joy of dancing and singing with God.
Finding the Joy Within You
Joy is our nature. We came from Bliss. We don’t have to go outside and find it somewhere. It’s already there. Follow along with this 15-minute guided meditation to help you experience your inner joy.
Listen to the Trees
In this short video, Swami Jnanananda explains how to listen and receive blessings from trees.
Ode to Joy Performed by Flash Mob Nürnberg 2014
I love flash mobs! They create such inspiring moments—all the more delightful because unexpected. This short performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy is one of the best.


Your Spiritual Questions Answered
People ask: “How can I be truly happy?” and “How can I overcome pain and sorrow?” Maybe you’re curious too. Paramhansa Yogananda answers…
Awakening with Reiki: 11 Ways to Raise Your Frequency
A high Frequency is a state of being where life feels fun, happy, carefree, creative, peaceful, and joyful. Life just seems to flow. We all want more of this, right? So how can we raise the frequency of our vibration?
From an Engineering Perspective: The Power of Attention
I'm often asked why people react in their peculiar way, some very positive, some quite negative, most people, somewhere in the middle. Why are some people often angry, while others tend to follow whatever they decide to follow?

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Poet’s Corner: Don't Go Back to Sleep: A Poem by Rumi
Jelaluddin Rumi (1207–1273), Persian poet, scholar, Sufi mystic, was truly one of the most passionate and profound poets in history. The best way to fully say in words his impact, is that he has the ability to describe the Indescribable, Ineffable—God.
Wisdom Story: I Like It Very Much — Filling Your Memory Bank Account
A true story about cultivating happy memories to draw on later.
Wisdom Story: Healing Heals the Healer
A true story about Petra Nemcova. Petra was living the dream and had everything she every wanted. And then her world was torn apart. How could she be so radiant, so filled with life and well-being, in the wake of such a devastating tragedy?
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