Friday Reflection: I give myself as much love as I give to others

self-care I give myself as much love as I give to others. I love and support my family and friends unconditionally. I celebrate their joys and lift them up during hard times. I give them the foundation they deserve. I know I deserve the same amount of love and support that I give to my loved ones. I am continually kind to myself because I am worth it. I avoid selling myself short when it comes to appreciating who I am and what I can accomplish. When I make a mistake, I can admit it without beating myself up about it. I analyze where I went wrong and trust that I can avoid the same error the next time. I take the time to treat myself to nice things, just like I do with others. My treats to them represent how much I love them. When I treat myself, I feel the same kind of love. I feel reassured when I say kind words to myself in the mirror. Even when I notice my shortcomings, I recognize that there is far more to love than to see as lacking. I choose to focus on the positive things. There is a lot about me that makes me special. I embrace those things every day and find peace with who I am. Today, I commit to treating myself as kindly as I treat those I love, because I love and accept myself just the way I am.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I promote greater feelings of self-love and acceptance within me?
  2. Do I acknowledge my input when I contribute to a meaningful accomplishment?
  3. How do I encourage myself to be positive when I feel unmotivated?